Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Vision of the Apocalypse

I've seen the end of the world and it goes something like this: narcissism and self absorption has become so epidemic in modern society that I can see a day very soon where the world is crumbling, people will be rioting in the streets for food, all disease has become resistant to all known medicines, corporations will have enslaved the remaining few who have any stamina or health for labor, and as all this rages around, people will still tightly clutch a salvaged piece of razor sharp broken mirrored glass in their bleeding (yet oblivious to their wound) hand and hold it up to their face and ask: How does my hair look?


  1. I know you didn't post about narcissism the same day I did! LOL Hopefully not because I did... HA!

  2. No...I think my rants on narcissism are well established in the historical (or is that hysterical?) record:)