Thursday, October 6, 2011

Re-mix and re-edit a song to my satisfaction

OK. (Slightly) re-named a song, and re-mixed it. Also changed a few leads and amp settings. It was never quite right, and it was bugging me. Now it sounds as it should, and I am happy with it. Now called The Snake Charmers. Here it is with the others. And, as usual, no vocals...but some shoe gaze/alt rock indulgence all the same. Dig you hipsters from the 90's!

The Snake Charmers

Just Like the Sun (Remix)

Space Monkey

Mercury Tears

Lessons Learned

The Lizard Brain

Sullivan Potter

On the Dole

The Hedonist


Razorblade Mirror

Johnny Comes Home

Jumped the Shark


Jason James Flint

Lunar Plane


Wayward Youth