Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Song "Histamine"

Pretty much an amalgamation of everything thats ever influenced me…and if I do say so myself, it also has a little, simple guitar riff about a minute into the song (an instrumental) that is pretty addictive.  I called it “Histamine” because I’m on a boatload of meds dealing with that very substance, which has caused me a fair amount of misery the last seven months.  But, I think the psychedelic effect of the Rx I’ve been issued has been good for my art.  So, the suffering hasn’t been in vain…hope you like it. As far as the utter misery of what I've been dealing with for over half a year...that is the subject of another post.  In the meantime, enjoy my little stylistic adventure here...I wrote it to be kind of a smorgasbord of styles that appeal to me, and I thought it gave it something of a trippy, dreamy vibe....