Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hedonism Defined

Gonna go make some banana bread.  Try not to marvel at my rock-n-roll lifestyle (after all, jealousy is not becoming).  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Poseurs, eyeglasses, and Tarantino

I realize this is a blog, and I should probably be posting things from time to time.  However, I have been working on a song, and I've been frustratingly "blocked", and cannot seem to get anywhere with it...but I've been obsessively plodding away with it anyways...and getting nowhere.  So, I'm going to step away, and waste a little time here.  Let's talk about eye glasses, shall we?  In order to illustrate a point, here's a picture of me from last night out at the movies (saw's worlds shortest review: good film.  About 30 minutes too long, though.  Christoph Waltz, once again just like Inglorious Basterds, steals every scene he is in.  Not a DiCaprio fan, but he did a nice job here.  If you like QT, go see it):


Ok.  So, glasses (heretofore referred to as "eye glasses").  As you can see above, I wear them.  Want to know why I wear them?  Because I cannot read ANYTHING without them...especially itty, bitty, teeny, weeny, Lilliputian sized texts (i.e. the way I do 99% of my non-physical presence communicating).  Let me be clear: glasses suck.  You lose them, break them (for reasons I cannot comprehend, they are hellaciously expensive.  Apparently mine are made of an unusual form of rarium, hardtofindum, and unobtanium laminated with platinum.  At least, based on the price.  It would certainly seem as if they've been made with something other than plastic), leave them somewhere around the house and are constantly having to find them in order to read a text, magazine, subtitles in a movie, etc.  They can give you sinus pressure, headaches, and despite what popular culture seems to hint at, not really all that sexy.  "Ooooh...know what turns me on?  Poor eyesight!!!"  I can honestly say I've never heard those words.  But, because I like to be able to see clearly, I reluctantly wear them.  What I DO NOT understand, is the sudden explosion of younger college aged people sporting glasses.  The numbers are waaaaaaay too skewed to be an actual representation of the population of people with eyesight issues.  This leads us to only two conclusions: 1) not only is the sedentary, high calorie American lifestyle causing obesity and Type II diabetes, it's also, inexplicably, destroying our eyesight.  Apparently, there's something in the special sauce on a Big Mac that causes macular degeneration.  I think a government study is needed, or 2) there's a TON of 20-somethings who, for reasons that completely escape me, have decided wearing glasses is, ahem, "cool", and are needlessly running around with unnecessary headgear.  My thought on the matter?  Why stop there?  If physical imperfections are so awesome, why not fake a club foot and wear orthopedic shoes, or a hook for a hand, or utilize one of those Stephen Hawking voice synthesizers (ok, that WOULD be kinda cool...)?  My point?  My point is this: I really don't get why anybody, who DIDN'T HAVE TO , would wear a physically corrective device.  Trust me, anybody who HAS TO to wear glasses wishes they DIDN'T HAVE TO (scary eye surgery or even bigger pain in the ass contacts aside), and CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY anybody who DID NOT HAVE TO...WOULD...JUST FOR FUN.  It seems...well, STUPID.  

Ok.  Rant over.  Thanks for indulging me.  Back to the song.