Thursday, June 2, 2011

My White Whale

We all have our hardships and challenges. Right now, mine is trying to figure out what to do with this totally bitchin' chord progression: Cmaj-Csus4/ it a chorus? Verse? And what to follow it with??? Forget the heartbreak of psoriasis, this shit is frustrating. OCD in overdrive...


  1. I have stuff like that lying around for years sometimes then one day something clicks and you are off - either into another seemingly never ending stall up or you find in 20 mins the song is there excluding the usual crap lyric rewrite issue I always have

  2. It's true. You can't force it. It, like the Universe, unveils itself at its own pace. Sometimes I try and intentionally create something and nothing happens, and I feel like, "That's it. I'll never have another idea." Then one day, I'll write an entire song in ten minutes. You just have to let it happen when it's ready to happen...