Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Humanism is too human

Was hunting and pecking around the blogosphere for thoughts and ideas about Humanism, and ran across this one here:

Here was my reply, and although it was spur of the moment and probably doesn't pass the sniff test, it does contain some ideas I actually believe in (for the moment...after all, I am evolving, and so is my point of view on many a thing).

If I had to subscribe to any “ism”, I guess Humanism would be the closest to any life philosophy I adhere to (although to borrow from Ferris Bueller, I tend to think of most “isms” as dangerous belief systems). However, I feel even Humanism is too narrow a philosophy in that it ascribes some sort of meaning to life (contentment to use your supposition). I think the purpose of humanity is no different than the purpose of the universe itself, and that is a vain attempt to stay one step ahead of death (or entropy if you like). It is of course impossible, and yet we have an unyielding and fundamental drive to reproduce prior to our death to give our genes some type of (false) immortality, as even the universe gives life prior to the death of some of its most complex systems (a dying star can supernova and produce complex…more complex than the star itself… life giving elements back to the vacuum). It all seems ultimately pointless, due to diminishing returns, as entropy and the ultimate heat death of all creation seems inevitable. And yet…I don’t think nihilism is the logical conclusion. It would seem to me, on a true macro scale, we are part of an exceedingly complex whole that seems to be evolving to a point, as if the universe is struggling to evolve in order to understand, and give meaning to, its very self, and perhaps even transcend itself into something beyond creation. Simple evolution on an unimaginable scale (actually, I guess not, as I just imagined it). Then again, to use your argument, it’s ultimately beyond the scientific method, and therefore, not worth discussing. Maybe contentment is where it is at after all. Hmmm…I think I’ll have a taco (yum).

(later on I realized my own flaw) ...of course I contradicted myself by giving meaning as well. This is tricky stuff. OK. I'll just say there is only one meaning, and it applies to, quite literally, everything (from things as elemental as hydrogen gas, all the way to complex structures like human beings and whole galaxies). The meaning is the meaning, it is transcendent, and it is simple as it is complex. It's the alpha and the omega, the yin and yang, 42, the sound of one hand clapping , the chicken or the egg, and that whole tree in the forest thing. It also explains why a taco is so perfect.

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