Sunday, June 5, 2011


I enjoy art in all its forms, and yet, I rarely enjoy "artists." Being creative need not equal self involved, self aggrandizing, ego centric, narcissistic douchebag. And yet, every time I hear one speak, be interviewed, or, god forbid, socialize with a (self styled) one, these traits just come roaring through. "Yes, I can see you took a black and white photo of a whales penis, and then Photshopped it with a Warhol print, then covered it in spray painted graffiti...and then titled it 'Afghanistan'. Sorry. I just don't get it. I think a better title would have been 'I'm An Asshole.'" Let it go my man, you're just not that cool. Trust me. There are of course exceptions to this rule, and to those talented few who self deprecate and don't take themselves too seriously, I tend to greatly admire...but they're a small club indeed.

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  1. I generally don't get art - I look at some thing and say "like that" look at the next and say "don't like that"... that is it with me there is no further analysis. I saw a report on an festival in Vienna (I think), various countries had entries. The British one was a recreation of a Turkish house. Why? The reporter went on about what it symbolised but... it was just the inside of a house - it was a set not art for me. Also how's that English? Now the inside of a Victorian house or Tudor I might have got - slightly.

    However I don't engage with it - I accept I'm ignorant of it but then I love music in many many forms some of which others struggle with, my family will never get the brilliance that is Miles Davis or Jethro Tull for example :-)