Monday, May 30, 2011

It keeps me off of the streets...

I recorded a new song this weekend. Called The Snake Charmer. My basic excuse was to play around with a mix that made my P-bass sound chunky. I think this did it. Simple song, but fun to record. It a major key, so therefore my idea of a happy song...and once again, I abuse a variation of the key of A. Bon apetite. Oh, and if The Catherine Wheel and The Church had a baby...this would be it.

The Snake Charmer

Just Like the Sun (Remix)

Space Monkey

Mercury Tears

Lessons Learned

The Lizard Brain

Sullivan Potter

On the Dole

The Hedonist


Razorblade Mirror

Johnny Comes Home

Jumped the Shark


Jason James Flint

Lunar Plane


Wayward Youth

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