Sunday, October 6, 2013

iPhones, stone age philosophers, and Cloverfield

You know how people like to quote scripture as a means of addressing a problem or offering advice? While there's nothing necessarily wrong with that, I generally have one thought that immediately jumps to the forefront of my cranium when this happens: "That's great, and thank you for that. Now, have you got any other ideas or thoughts to share...or at least ones that were created sometime after the invention of the light bulb?"*

*Sometimes it's hard to reconcile sage words from an individual who lived in a stone hut and carved their ideas on clay tablets when all I want is a point of view on whether or not a new iPhone is worth it, or if the new Godzilla movie is, or isn't, a Cloverfield rip-off**.

**Of course Cloverfield is a rip off of a multitude of films (primarily Japanese monster

disaster movies and found footage style films a la Blair Witch) but it was brilliantly done, had a unique

feel, and was highly entertaining. Right up there with Alien in my monster movies top ten (John

Carpenter's The Thing is another). However, I must say I WOULD be impressed if a millenniums old

cave dweller had something to say about the iPhone: "Yea verily, I say unto you, the 5S is the way,

and the light (specifically the light in the form of extended battery life sayeth The Lord. Amen)".

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  1. haha... Cloverfield - great the first time you watch it, didn't work for me after that.

    Anyway - being a trudging member of a fellowship on the 12-step path you get some great ones of this at times. Once I was struggling with an issue with the tax man - there was a momunmental cock up and they said I owed them pretty much the value of my house and all my bank accounts - seriously I could have been bankrupted by this clerical mistake. It was somewhat stressing me out. I shared about it at a meeting saying I'd appealed and that I'd worked out where they had gone wrong but was worried about it and this and that. A guy who used to wind me up (he didn't mean to but he just did) said in his sharing "If it isn't in the first 167 pages of the big book I don't need to know it". I railed on him after the meeting saying "Where in the big book does it tell me how to deal with the Inland Revenue!"... I suppose he had a point of view but I wasn't appreciative of it that day! :-)