Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GOP and jobs

Well, apparently a new plank in the official GOP platform will be a vigorous crackdown on the pornography industry. So, if Romney gets elected, I guess we'll have to turn to Asian and European porn to get our kicks. Typical Republicans...destroying yet another proud American industry and outsourcing its jobs overseas.*

*If you lack a sense of humor, please ignore this post as you'll be wasting your time. Your time MAY be better suited trying to reconcile how Jesus (the religious figure...not the winger who plays for Sevilla FC) was, according to the likes of Karl Rove, an industrialist who was fond of guns, did NOT want to render unto Caesar what was Caesar's, and felt no need to care for the poor.

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  1. He was a fisherman - now is that a service or agricultural job? Hang on his Dad was a carpenter - was he too?... Revise that maybe an artisan - how big was this business, I mean was he a lone craftsman or banging out replacement windows for the whole Galilean area - that might be an industrialist ... :-)

    Only time he got violent was overturning the money changers tables in the temple wasn't it... any relevance today in that do you think?... ;-)