Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Music and the movie Drive

OK, so I saw the movie "Drive" a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. It was this beautiful amalgamation of gritty 70's movies, early Michael Mann, early 80's European crime flicks (think Long Good Friday), and maybe even a bit of Sergio Leonne stuff. Anyways, loved it. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack because it had this very cool (again) early 80's Euro/Michael Mann feel to it. Giorgio Moroder-esque in a way. So, I was inspired and came up with V832V. No guitars, just bass, drum, and keyboards. I also, once again, remixed and added to Just Like the Sun. I always liked it, but it felt incomplete. So I went with an assault of guitars for the second half of the song, and now, I think its as it was meant to be. There's nothing layers upon layers of over driven, effects laden guitars can't improve upon!


Just Like the Sun (remixed again...guitar bombast mix)

The Snake Charmers

Space Monkey

Mercury Tears

Lessons Learned

The Lizard Brain

Sullivan Potter

On the Dole

The Hedonist


Razorblade Mirror

Johnny Comes Home

Jumped the Shark


Jason James Flint

Lunar Plane


Wayward Youth

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