Sunday, January 10, 2010

Educate Me You Kool Aid Slurpers

What in the hell is the colorful spinning pinwheel of death (oh a Mac never locks up, that's why they're soooooo awesome!!!) that causes my Mac to do something VERY SIMILAR to locking up but I know that cant possibly be whats actually happening because after drinking the Jobs flavored Kool Aid one becomes incapable of recognizing a computer that up? I'm guessing this little psychedelic ferris wheel is just another added AWESOME MAC FEATURE that I'm just too dense and technically deficient to use/appreciate/worship and that I'm not fully grasping the over all AWESOMENESS my interactive MAC EXPERIENCE is delivering to me. Look, a locked up computer with a pretty little sparkler is still a LOCKED UP COMPUTER. Just because you put the pig into a dress, doesn't make it...uh....well, not a pig. Anyways, I'm beginning to wonder if maybe the whole thing is just one GIGANTIC stroke of MARKETING GENIUS...and a lot of fluffy hot air. OK, make that I'm not wondering at all...I KNOW.

OK, I do like the magnetic power plug though...that, admittedly, is pretty cool....


  1. You sir, need help.

    Get Help John.

    Imagine not understanding the infinite wonders of REAL BUTTER or DARK ROAST COFFEE... That is what you are missing out on.

  2. Actually, you only mentioned two of the Holy Trinity, the third being: REAL maple syrup. And I'm sorry, there is no way a Mac can even compare to good coffee, real butter, and real maple syrup. Ever!