Monday, June 29, 2009


I have a theory, and it is this: if things are ok, you don't spend too much time on the 'net. I was thinking I needed to blog something, but what? I don't have anything all that interesting to bitch about (a usual fave topic of mine), life, family, and finances are good, friends are, well, they're all over the place, but that's nothing new, and I'm generally in a calm place at the moment. So what to type? Dunno...

Been on vacation for some weeks now. As a result, I have had more beer/cocktails in the past twenty days than in the past year...maybe more. The result? Six pounds of weight, needless to say, cocktail hour is over. What I don't get are alcoholics who are skinny. Hows does that work? Cocaine binges? A diet of menthol cigarettes and methamphetamine? Or do you just drink to the point of vomiting, thus maintain your svelte figure? Truly, it is a mystery to me.

I'm tempted to go on here, but it would just be a waste of space that was the result of a forced effort. I think most blogging requires a certain amount of energy, usually negative, and is the result of anxiety, anger, the need for validation from others, etc. Occasionally, it it is for no other purpose than to be funny, and those are the blogs I tend to enjoy and attempt to write (when I'm not full of anxiety, anger, or the need of validation from others). So, in order not to violate my own rule, I should stop here.

Ok, ideally I'd be able to end with an amusing anecdote or a fart joke, but sadly, I have neither to share, although I will say this...the phrase "You cause the rain!" makes me laugh every time I think of it, and is one of the truest ideas I can think of.

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  1. Regarding... "What I don't get are alcoholics who are skinny. Hows does that work?"

    Let me explain from personal experience...

    When I drank I mostly drank beer - and mostly Guinness as it wasn't so gassy and I could get more of it down than I could with lager (i.e. USA like beers). At times I put on weight, normally if I ate and didn't exercise much...

    So solution to keep my drinking under wraps... (ho ho) was to stop eating pretty much and exercise a lot - long distance swimming. I lost loads of weight, some colleagues thought I either had cancer or Aids. The human body is amazing I pretty much didn't eat anything solid regularly for a year and survived, not healthily but survived at least.

    Yes you get fat alcoholics as well, they just eat normally I find... :-)

    Btw - just to set the record straight, I don't recommend any of these actions. I bleed from my anus for much of drinking years as well indicating many other issues - and when I stopped drinking and tried to eat normally again my body took quite sometime to get used to food again and deal with it effectively.