Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Unintended Humor

So, this picture is being circulated by your usual bunch of mouth breathing, Fox News echo chamber "this is where every thought in my head originates from" listening, right wing ideologues who are trying to make, I'm guessing, a rather crude and (if you knew the truth about Ronald "Bel Air" Reagan and George "prep school Yale Harvard business school" Bush) uproariously misguided and ill informed point that is, as usual with most Repugnicon thoughts, not based on anything resembling reality (apologies for the run-on sentence btw...).  Anyways, here's the pic:

Needless to say, when I saw this, I had very different ideas go through my head:

Reagan (talking to Frank Sinatra who is just out of frame and smoking a cigarette): ""Holy shit...it's been a while. Man, I forgot just how fucking messy it was cutting up and burying a dead hooker."

Bush (silently to himself): "I cannot believe Cheney is making me do all his landscaping."
Cheney (yelling from a distance): "Quit your lollygagging you Harvard pussy and finish removing that dead willow tree!!!"
Bush (yelling back petulantly): "Only dead willow around here is between your legs old man!!!"
Cheney (snarling): "What did you say???"
Bush: "Nothing sir!!!"

Obama (silently to himself the whole time): "Jesus, this is degrading.
(with each swing of the pick ax) Why...in...the...fuck...did...I...let...Biden...talk...me...into...this?
And what's with the two fuckers standing around watching me work? Your arms broken? Grab a shovel and dig motherfucker!"

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  1. politics based on reality... now there is a novel idea - never catch on you know