Friday, September 23, 2011

The modern press are a bunch of plasticized, failed model, lazy, non-reporting douce bags

It would be nice if we had a press that actually did its job as the so called "Fourth Estate." The modern press is lazy, and providing a great disservice to the public with its non-reporting techniques, i.e. merely collecting sound bytes without actual questions asked. A rather simple example: Every time a politician spews forth the idea that the path to economic recovery is to reduce spending, lower taxes, and reduce the size of government, nobody has asked the obvious question of "Can you show us a historical example where this approach as worked to end a recession/depression?" or "Didn't the Hoover administration try this with disastrous results seventy years ago?" or how about "If nobody has a job or any money to spend, and therefore cannot buy goods and services from a business, how does lowering the businesses tax rate compel the penniless and unemployed to buy goods...and therefore encourage the business to expand and hire?" Stop with the mindless regurgitation of talking points, and make people defend and explain their ideas and philosophies!

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  1. go on tell us what you really think ;-)

    Don't get me started - with some exceptions (few) the quality of journalism is frankly rubbish.

    And yes - I hear Cammeron et al going on about cut backs and this and that... but there is no growth it is all going to hell in a cart - not simply because they are trying to force the Thatherite anti-society agenda through that we fought against 30 years ago?