Thursday, February 24, 2011

Neo-cons and Islamic extremists...can you tell the difference?

-believes a nation should be ruled by their sole interpretation of God's will
-wants to eliminate any barriers between church and state
-believes in the repression of women and the dominance of men
-is fervently anti birth control and sex is to be heterosexual and for procreation only
-believes homosexuality is an affront to god and and should be repressed by the state
-believes in an "either with us or against us" philosophy
-believes in aggression over diplomacy
-believes in the "God chosen" few ruling over the "forsaken" many
-believes and desires an apocalyptic end of days good vs. evil final show down, and is enthusiastic in ushering in its arrival
-is fervently pro gun
-believes in repressing alternative view points, alternative press, and the right for an alternative minded populace to gather
-uses the government as a tool to enrich the very few with the capital and resources of the populace
-is strongly against alcohol and drugs and other "immoral" activities
-believes public education needs to be intertwined with religious doctrine
-is wary and dismissive of science

This is just off top of my head...but it's obvious to me these two groups only hate each other because they understand, and NEED, each other soooo much.

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